About the artist Lo Maalue Born: 1975

Lo Maalue is a professional established Danish artist. Lo Maalue had her debut at the censored spring exhibition at Charlottenborg in 2007. Besides from that she has been exposed and displayed at several European and also International galleries - among them Paris, Cannes, Berlin, London and Miami can be mentioned and last but not least Broadway in New York. Lo Maalue has participated in big charity events for the Danish TV-channel TV2 but also Cow Parade, Happy ® Xmas Trees, Breast Friends and “Kunsten at redde en Mor” (“The art of saving a mother”) at Statens Museum for Kunst (The State Museum of Art).

Lo Maalue’s work is recognizable and the paintings captures the artist’s inspiration which comes from Alice in Wonderland - a universe where it is possible to meet things you didn’t think was possible. The result combines imaginative, adventurous elements and the observer is maintained by the three-dimensional mechanisms, which invites you into the artist’s magical universe of symbolism and the unique adventures of the everyday life in a transfixing world of fairies.

Editor in chief at "Magasinet Kunst", Ole Lindboe writes...

"Dear Lo, nice to meet you - and great seeing your amazing artwork. Best regards Ole"

Peculiarities of the imagination Of course elves and little ones from other dimensions exist and tend to visit our part of the world - the so-called rational and logic world. If it wasn’t so, we would die from boredom. Just ask the visual artist Lo Maalue Lynghøj. Her pictures are indeed collected from other and more exotic universes than the one we normally call real life.

The artist, who already drew pictures as a child and told stories to the paper, is today one of the more extraordinary visual artists, and her stories float free and imaginatively - a style you might call surreal. The reality is definately turned upside down and is twisted in several degrees, so much, that you can easily get lost in the individual picture’s labyrinth. In the classic fairytale, Alice in Wonderland, nothing is as it seems. Surprising realities are hidden everywhere behind the surface, which we think is the valid one. If you for example look into a mirror and get the crazy thought, that it is possible to walk to the other side, you can be sure that quite a different reality is hidden there - one that is completely different. Here you will meet talking animals and eccentric landscapes that you didn’t believe existed. You will also find out-of-the-way corners with one secret hidden into the other.

This is exactly how it feels gazing at Lo Maalue Lynghøj’s paintings. You get tickled. You get lost in them. You might even get shocked, because of the horror that also sneaks into to the picture’s many cracks.

Sometimes it feels like getting into a cart full of ghosts driving through the dark: You have no idea what’s coming next, and which creatures you are about to meet.

Exactly this tricky ambiguity exists in many of the artist’s pictures. Though it is always with a poetic twist, a sparkling sense of humor and a frisky imagination, that seems to be uncontrollable. The artist collects her pictures from her inner mind and her own extremely bubbly imagination; here there are no borders or obstacles - only small or big stories, that demand to be told. Lo Maalue Lynghøj is a true fairy tale writer filled with ingenious stories. You are easily seduced into her world of pictures even though you are aware of the fact that you don’t always land with your legs down or with your head up. That is a true quality when it comes to art; that you discover something, you didn’t think existed. Take a look for yourself at Lo Maalue Lynghøj. Ole Lindboe

Chief Editor at Magasinet Kunst (Magazine of Art) and the author of more than 50 books about danish and foreign artists.

Writher at "Kunstavisen", Kirsten-Marie Hedeland writes...

“The magic starts here”

Lo Maalue Lynghøj’s universe of pictures is like a land filled with fairy tales and mystery. A place where you can learn the most important things about being true to yourself through strength, trust and a little bit of magical dust. The important thing is simply to not turn your back on the person you really are.
The key to the solutions are in your inner self. In this magic land a universe of fictive fragments is created and you can feel that you are on the first page of a thick book of fairytales, where a strong invisible line is fastened to real life. The stories in Lo’s paintings are far away from being random and made up. She finds her own reality in the middle of the fairytale she paints. In her work you meet a lot of different versions of what a reality is and what a human being can be made of. You learn how important it is to look inwards and discover yourself in the light of acknowledgement; to find and discover your own strengths and weaknesses but also to face it with others. In Lo Maalue Lynghøj’s universe we meet the most beautiful inwardness, the most deep vulnerability and the rock-solid faith and power, that combined with stubbornness and courage make things happen. Her chief motive is illustrated as a Tinkerbell figure with an oversized head, big longing eyes, pretty elf ears and with an exaggerated timeglass-shape, and where the small dresses are hanging neatly. Tinkerbell leaves small amounts of angel dust behind when she moves and she has magic that works through the power of her mind and thoughts. She is expressed in a very sensual way with a gleam of distant melancholy and the vulnerability is shown. Despite that you shouldn’t let yourself get lost in pity because she also contains a great amount of will and power.

Lo’s paintings have lots of symbolism. It feels like she puts in small hidden reminders to herself, so she won’t go down the dark road of loneliness but instead find the lightened path with flowers that leads the way towards clear-sightedness where you are reminded, that things will happen when they are supposed to - not before and not after.
Lo Maalue Lynghøj has a very perfectionistic sense for details. The more small details she can add, the better. She loves using the tiny brush to make the small delicate surprises, the surreal elements and the visually strong effects. There is an enormous depth created by transparent layers, which means that you can almost see through the entire picture. Her way of putting things together and into a perspective is unsurpassed. With help from delicious, sharp and clear colours, she creates pictures with a high amount of energy where the attention is tightened.

There is an exciting composition and a big space for absorption which makes the pieces interesting to look at and explore. Drama and deep occasions are hidden in the magic playground where life can be lived and events can be processed. The space where things can be put into perspective and courage and willpower are dancing with each other. Pain and frustration comes out and is turned into something constructive so joy and safety can find its way once again. In the dynamic and magic universe of paintings it becomes easier to exist, and wishes and dreams can come true because they are maintained and visualized.
In a way life becomes a little bit easier when it is put into a different perspective and is interpreted - it is possible to float and become free - released from thoughts and inner chaos. It is the events of the existence that can be experienced for better or worse. These events are collected and interpreted in a very characteristic and imaginative way.
The atmosphere in Lo Maalue Lynghøj’s work is romantic and very attentive. She moves around in a magical realism with so much conviction that you are enchanted and twirled into the amazing story that life is.
By Kirsten-Marie Hedeland, host of “Kunst for Tiden” (The art of time) and writer at Kunstavisen, october 2013